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Alberto Bardelli

University of Torino, It

Alberto Bardelli is Full Professor at Dept. of Oncology, University of Torino and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Oncology at Candiolo Cancer Institute FPO-IRCCS.

Alberto is President of the EACR, European Association for Cancer Research.

Alberto studied Biological Sciences at the University of Turin, graduating cum laude with an honourable mention. After graduation he moved to the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in London where he obtained a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University College London (UCL). Alberto is a molecular geneticist and expert in the field of personalized therapies. His work is aimed at developing precision medicines for cancer patients. As a postdoc at the Johns Hopkins University (USA), in the group led by Bert Vogelstein, he performed the first comprehensive mutational profile of kinases in colorectal cancers (CRC).

Discoveries from his group have led to the development of diagnostic tests, currently in clinical use, based on the genetic profiles of individual tumours. These discoveries represent the first example of personalized therapies for colorectal cancer patients, as was recently reported in Nature, JAMA, Lancet Oncology, and Nature Medicine.

In 2014 Prof Bardelli has been listed in the Thomson Reuters List of Highly Cited Researchers. In 2016 he won the Grant for Oncology Innovation Research Project and in 2017 has been recognised with the ESMO Translational Research Award.

He is the author of over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts.

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