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Steven Riedmuller

Synthetic Genomics Inc, US

Mr. Riedmuller brings 2 decades of leadership experience in developing automated solutions for molecular / synthetic biology. From 1998 to 2004 Mr. Riedmuller conceptualized and built automation systems for ultra-high throughput Sanger sequencing at The Institute for Genomic Research and the J. Craig Venter Joint Technology Center. In 2004 Mr. Riedmuller transitioned to the commercial side of laboratory automation, joining Hudson Robotics, Inc. in Springfield NJ. At Hudson Robotics, he managed the design and build of several firsts for synthetic biology automation including the Pro-Link Express, a system for protein/enzyme engineering, capable of gene synthesis, mutagenesis, cloning between expression systems, expressing proteins and performing functional assays. At Hudson, he was contracted by Synthetic Genomics to design and build the BioXp prototypes and the Digital to Biological Converter. In 2015, Mr. Riedmuller joined Synthetic Genomics as their Senior Director of Field Applications. Specializing in the BioXp Platform, he and his team work with the synbio market to implement existing technology and develop new high value capability for the BioXp platform with the goal of greatly reducing the Design, Build, Test cycle.

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