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Xu Xun

Executive Director, BGI Research, CN

Xun Xu serves as the Executive Director of BGI-Shenzhen, leading the research and development activities in genomics and other Omics fields. He has successfully organized and finished genetic diversity map projects for rice, soybean, corn, silkworms, and led studies on the evolution of these genomes to understand the history of genes selected during domestication. Xu Xun also successfully coordinated the genome consortiums for potato, cabbage, CHO, sheep, goat, etc. He build the single cell sequencing platform in BGI and carried out a comprehensive analysis of the cell lineage history of cancer cell populations, which revealed mechanisms of cancer progression. He has already had 4 patents as the inventor and another 17 are in application stage. The research group he led has published a lot of papers in high impact journals, listed as first author or corresponding author. He is now the project leader for several big grants in China, including the national 863 project. He previously also participated in 8 big grants, including 973, 863, which have in the mean time finished.

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