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350 people are gathering in Antwerp for RNGS2

19 March 2017

VIB is hosting the second edition for RNGS2. 350 people from academia and industry - of which more than 50% from abroad - are gathering in the renewed Flanders Meeting & Convention Center located in the heart of Antwerp. The top in de NGS field is discussing emerging tools and approaches for Large-scale Sequencing, Applications for Current and Emerging Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms, Computational genomics and data analysis and many more...VIB conferences is honored to welcome 44 speakers among which Elizabeth Reczek, CEO at SeqLL (US) - a platform technology company involved in developing diagnostic tools to guiding cancer teratment; Amos Tanay (Weizmann Institute of Science, IL) who openend the conference yesterday with single cell epigenomics, Christopher Mason (Well Cornell Medicine, US) with his exciting talk on sequencing in space and Ana Martin-Villalba (DFKZ, DE) who closed the first day with her talk 'Single cell transcriptomics to uncover the rules govering stem cell biology'.

In addition to the scientific program, there are plenty of opportunities to network. The guided tour in Antwerp and the conference dinner in Grand Café Horta was much appreciated!

Horta - Venue - Conference dinner - Antwerp