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First VIB Conference on microbes

28 June 2019

Emerging Applications of Microbes took place on 3-4 June 2019 in Leuven. Over 200 participants gathered in Leuven to take part in this first edition, initiated by Kevin Verstrepen, science director of the VIB-KU Leuven Center for Microbiology. The center combines leading basic research on micro-organisms with translational research and industrial valorization. This conference was specifically aimed at these links between newest knowledge and applications, and to provide a platform to discuss and exchange ideas.

Four plenary sessions welcomed 18 internationally renowned experts from academia and industry, such as Jef Boeke (NYU Langone Health, US), Angela E. Douglas (Cornell University, US), Jens Nielsen (Chalmers University of Technology & DTU Biosustain, SE), and many more.

84 posters were presented during the poster sessions and the 2 best posters were rewarded with a poster prize made possible by Nature Reviews Microbiology. Congratulations to Marie Legein & Shrikrishnan Sankaran on their excellent work. Junior researchers could also meet Ursula Hofer (Chief Editor at Nature Reviews Microbiology, UK) for an informal chat about the editorial process.

Many networking moments were included in the program during the reception, lunches and coffee breaks. The conference topic was even extended to the conference dinner as we took participants to the old Stella Brewery ‘De Hoorn’.

You can view photos from the event on our Facebook page.

Poster session - Leuven

What did the attendees think about the meeting?

Check out a few interviews with some attendees in this short impression video.

Here are also some quotes from attendees from:

  • “Exciting talks from different representatives out of different fields. I really learned a lot about domains where I was previously unaware of. Really nice selection of talks and presenters.” - Anonymous
  • “Great format of good talks and discussion opportunities”. – Jean-Baptiste Boule
  • “Super close and tight conference with a beautiful lineup of high-quality microbial research.” – Bram Van den Bergh
  • “Inspiring!”- Sara Mitri & Jack Pronk