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16 December 2019

One of the aims of the VIB Conference Series is to establish opportunities for collaborations between scientists. You can imagine our excitement when we saw that 520 networking meetings were set-up in 2019 to justify this goal. Next to that, 577 posters were showcased by junior researchers. VIB was honored to welcome over 2 000 people from over 50 countries in one of our host cities. The coming years we want to grow this VIB Conferences community and keep sharing groundbreaking research.

There are plenty of reasons to attend a VIB conference, but we listed a few below:

  • A VIB conference is the place where cutting edge research is showcased, and exciting technological solutions are presented. We invite leading scientists in the life sciences fields who are at the top of their field presenting the latest research.

  • The breaks, conference dinner and social program are excellent moments to network. All attendees are present, even the speakers, which makes for plenty of opportunities to start a conversation with your all-time hero.

  • Might you have some difficulties to pick the right time to grab their attention, we offer the networking tool Conversation Starter, where you can schedule meetings of 15 minutes with an attendee you like to speak with.

  • The meetings bring together a mixed audience of young and more experienced scientists working in the same research field, which makes it ideal to mingle and learn from each other.

  • Attending a conference might be the start of connecting with someone that will have an impact on your future professional career, think of a job offer or a new collaboration.

Give your career a boost and sign up for one of the 2020 VIB Conferences. See you soon!

As follows you can find an overview of the VIB Conferences year of 2019 in numbers:

Infographic VIB Conferences 2019
Infographic VIB Conferences 2019