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Microbes19 Poster Prizes by Nature Reviews Microbiology

12 March 2019

VIB Conferences is proud to partner with Nature Reviews Microbiology for the upcoming conference Emerging Applications of Microbes. They will be awarding the best two posters during the conference with a poster prize during the meeting.

The best 4 abstracts will be given a short talk slot in the plenary program. The deadline for submitting your abstract for this meeting is 1 April and can be done on the conference website.

Scientific program for Microbes19 almost complete

The program will be divided into four sessions covering metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, microbial communities. With the program almost complete, here is the list of leading researchers who will display their insights into this exciting field:

  • Eric Alm, MIT, US
  • David Berry, University of Vienna, AT
  • Jef Boeke, NYU Langone Health, US
  • Francesca Ceroni, Imperial College London, UK
  • Marjan De Mey, Ghent University, BE
  • Angela E. Douglas, Cornell University, US
  • Alain Goossens, VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems biology, BE
  • Dan Jarosz, Stanford, US
  • Narendra Maheshri, Ginkgo Bioworks, US
  • Sara Mitri, Universit√© de Lausanne, CH
  • Jens Nielsen, Chalmers University, SE
  • Karen Polizzi, Imperial College, UK
  • Sam Possemiers, Prodigest, BE
  • Jack Pronk, TU Delft, NL
  • Christina Smolke, Stanford, US
  • Morten Sommer, DTU Biosustain, DK
  • Maria Teresa Teixeira, CNRS, FR

To find out more about them and their talks, visit the conference website.

Poster session