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Reflecting on 3 successful VIB Science Events

7 December 2018

Earlier this year, VIB Conferences launched a new concept under the name VIB Science Events, to share its expertise and tools that have been developed and help put together scientific events initiated by experts from the centers. During the fall of 2018 VIB Conferences supported 3 Science Events.

The first edition of this series was the 4th Plant Protease and PCD Symposium that took place in September. Moritz Nowack from the VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology welcomed 95 attendees at het Pand in Ghent. Peter Vandenabeele kicked of the meeting with his talk discussing the molecular insights in ferroptotic cell death and how this could be translated in therapeutic strategies. 13 other academic speakers talked about next-generation positional proteomics strategies, aspartic proteases and the proteolytic activation of Rcr3.

At the end of October, the 29th Joint Glycobiology Meeting was held. This meeting was organized by Nico Callewaert, VIB-UGent Center for Medical Biotechnology, and Els Van Damme, Ghent University. A party of 133 scientists gathered at the Augustinian Monastery in the city center of Ghent. The program included 4 invited speakers and had room for 16 selected abstract presentations, which was a great opportunity for starting scientists to launch their projects. Main topics included glycosylation and glycobiotechnology.

And finally, we ended in November with the International Meeting on Optical Biosensors, an event organized by Franck Riquet, project leader at VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research. The event took place at the center of inflammation research itself, the FSVM building. The atrium was filled with more than 75 abstract posters, 6 sponsor booths and 160 eager participants who shared their thoughts about new fluorescent biosensors, optogenetic tools and protein engineering.

What the organizers say about the VIB Conferences services:

“VIB Conferences gave us peace of mind for the inscriptions. Our contact person was very responsive with quick responses to major or minor questions. Our experience with working with the team was pleasant and reassuring.”Simon Stael

“The primary benefit of working with the VIB Conferences team was that it created more time for content organization of the event. I would describe our collaboration as excellent!”Els Van Damme

“The VIB Conferences team provided a structure and backbone, operated as a consulting party and was a great help with scheduling the aspects of various tasks. Working with VIB Conferences is pleasant, honest (straight talking from either side possible), and professional.”Franck Riquet

To get a feel of the ambiance of these events, we invite you to visit our Facebook page.

We’re already looking forward to the editions of 2019!

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