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Save the date for Plant Science for Climate Emergency

1 December 2020

Climate change is now more important than ever and needs to be addressed. The time has come to make a change.

This VIB conference ‘Plant Science for Climate Emergency’ aims at reviewing current research on adapting plants to climate change as well as on using plants for mitigating the accumulation of greenhouse gasses.

Keynote speakers are Mark Lynas (Cornell University, US) and Hidde Boersma (science journalist, essayist and documentary film maker, NL). A range of twenty world leaders in plant biotechnology will present their latest developments in the following sessions;

  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Drought tolerance
  • Tolerance to high temperature
  • Effect of climate change (high temperature) on defense systems against insects/pathogens
  • Salt tolerance
  • Flooding tolerance
  • Carbon capturing plants
  • Nitrogen use efficiency
  • Crop engineering and improvement
  • Emerging areas

Not only will you enjoy an inspiring program, you will also have many opportunities to broaden your network, during the poster sessions, the reception and at the conference dinner.

Campaign visual - Plant Science for Climate Emergency
Presentation - At the forefront of plant research

Why is VIB organizing this conference now?

"Climate change is threatening food security and biodiversity. In this VIB symposium leading scientists will examine how innovative plant science can bring solutions to tackle climate emergency. Very timely and of great significance!"
Dirk Inzé
(Science Director - VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology, Organizing Committee)


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