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Single Cell with Sarah Teichmann

29 January 2019

VIB is honored to welcome Sarah Teichmann, an inspirational, cutting edge scientist, at the Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing conference, hosted in Antwerp on 25-26 March.

In 2016, Sarah became Head of Cellular Genetics at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, where she leads the Teichmann Group, that uses genomic approaches to study global regulation of gene expression in the mouse immune system.

Moreover, Sarah is the founder of the Human Cell Atlas. The mission of the Human Cell Atlas is to create comprehensive reference maps of all human cells as a basis for both understanding human health and treating disease.

The Human Cell Atlas wants to 3D map the 37 trillion cells that the body contains. New tools such as single cell genomics has put this project within reach. What scientists tried to do for more than 150 years, pioneer Sarah Teichmann has been able to. But of course, she needed help, and for that, she contacted Aviv Regev, a computational biologist at MIT and Harvard's Broad Institute. At the moment, they are both chairing the Human Cell Atlas organizing committee.

Sarah Teichmann publishes on a regular basis on topics such as CRISPR, single cell, gene expression, and sequencing. You can read her recent publication in Cell on “Genome-wide CRISPR Screens in T Helper Cells Reveal Pervasive Crosstalk between Activation and Differentiation” here.

People who inspired Sarah during her rising career are Cyrus Chothia, Janet Thornton, Carol V. Robinson, Michael Levitt and Veronica van Heyningen. We are really looking forward to her talk and hope it will inspire you!

Find more information on Sarah Teichmann on her page.

Sarah Teichmann - RNGS19