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Take a sneak peek at the speaker titles during ABLS20

8 November 2019

The invited speakers of this meeting will be talking about a wide variety of topics related to bioinformatics. Here are the titles of their talks:

  • Patrick Aloy: Extending the small molecule similarity principle to all levels of biology
  • Aedin Culhane: Matrix Factorization approaches for data integration. Towards better gene set and pathway analysis.
  • Thijs Ettema: The origin of complex cells
  • Sofia Forslund: Confounder-aware systems medical approaches
  • Erik Garrison: Linking sequence and variation in large graphical pangenomes
  • Laurent Gatto: Probabilistic mapping of the sub-cellular proteome
  • Nick Loman: Strain tracking with metagenomics to understand pathogen transmission
  • Ashley Lu: Spatial and temporal transcriptomics reveal microglia-astroglia crosstalk in the amyloid--β plaque cell niche of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Klaus Mayer: The genomes of human civilization
  • Rohit Pappu: Charge regulation in intrinsically disordered proteins
  • Helen Parkinson: Ontologies in the wild
  • Evangelia Petsalaki: Studies of context-specific cell signalling
  • Sushmita Roy: Regulatory network dynamics in developmental and evolutionary lineages
  • Nikolai Slavov: High-throughput single-cell proteomics quantifies the emergence of macrophage heterogeneity
  • Roser Vento: The female reproductive atlas: one cell at a time
  • Olga Vitek: Statistical methods for mass spectrometry and proteomics
  • Daifeng Wang: Interpretable machine learning approaches for understanding functional genomics in the human brain

For more information about the speakers and the program please visit the conference website.

ABLS20 Speakers