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Virtual conferences: what, how and why?

16 December 2020

The virtual VIB Conferences uphold the same quality and finesse as the live conferences.

What can you expect from VIB’s virtual conferences?

  • A two-day conference with multiple sessions;
  • Access to all talks;
  • Discussions with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors;
  • A personalized event experience;
  • Digital poster sessions;
  • Online group discussions;
  • The option to schedule one-to-one meetings.

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for one of our virtual meetings:

  • Take a look at the program upfront. Write down the questions you would like to see answered and mark the sessions or presentations you would really like to attend.
  • Log-in to the meeting at least 15 minutes before it starts, so there is still time to solve login-in problems if they appear. You want to be ready and focused when the meeting takes off.
  • Make your own personalized schedule by adding talks to your calendar.
  • If you have other business to attend that day, no need to worry, you can check out the recordings of the talks afterwards.
  • When the platform opens up, you can schedule one-to-one meetings for interesting discussions.
  • Take advantage of the networking breaks in between the scientific sessions. It’s the time to meet speakers in a break out room or to check out new research or products from sponsors that have just the right solution for you in the expo area.

What attendees say about the new format:

  • “The best experience in fact, it felt the closest to a real conference with the website/structure combo.” Vitor Sousa
  • "Though it cannot ever replace real interaction at coffee, lunch and with a beer in the evening, I think a lot of effort for socializing and networking was done. Anonymous
  • "It was very easy to attend from home. I was able to follow along and have everything I needed at my fingertips. Personally, I really like the virtual format, but I understand if some people prefer the live version for the personal interaction." Clint De Nolf
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We look forward to welcome you at one of our future - virtual - conferences!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The VIB Conferences team
Evy, Joyce, Lander, Rob