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Aedin Culhane

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, US

Aedin Culhane, PhD, Department of Data Sciences at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and Department of Biostatistics, Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health develops computational approaches to integrate and analyze large scale genomics data to discover cross-talk between tumors and their microenvironment. Aedin Culhane earned her PhD at the University of Manchester (UK) where she applied both computational and experimental approaches in neuro-immunology. She pursed post-doctoral studies with Prof Desmond Higgins (University College Dublin, Ireland) and Prof John Quackenbush (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, MA) studying multivariate statistical methods for analysis of gene expression data in cancer. Her team wrote and maintain several Bioconductor/R packages for clustering, matrix factorization and integrative exploratory analysis of big data in genomics. She is a founding member of the Boston R/Bioconductor for genomics meetup and a member of the technical advisory board for Bioconductor.

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