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Alessandro Esposito

MRC, University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Alessandro Esposito obtained his PhD in Biophysics in 2006 within a collaborative work between the University of Utrecht and the European Neuroscience Institute in Goettingen. While studying protein-protein interactions relevant to neurodegeneration, Alessandro developed theoretical frameworks and novel technologies dedicated to biochemical imaging leading to fast and cost-effective technologies, nowadays also commercially available. After a 2 year stint during which he applied quantitative imaging techniques to falsify and improve models of homeostasis of P. falciparum infected (malaria) red blood cell, he moved to the MRC Cancer Unit as an EPSRC Life Science Interface fellow, advancing single-cell biochemical techniques and finally refocusing his research on cancer biology. Alessandro is now running a team of scientists, within the Director group, devoted to the study of how oncogenic signalling alters the biochemical networks underlying cellular decisions thus leading to loss of tissue homeostasis. His work on cancer cell signalling focuses on the roles of genetic and non-genetic heterogeneity in cell fate choice, thus depends on developments in the area of biochemical multiplexing and optogenetics.

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