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Alexander Seitz

CEO Lexogen, AT

Alexander Seitz received his M.D from the University of Innsbruck Austria in 1996. He did his postdoctoral fellowships at the Institute of Anatomy in Innsbruck and in 1998 joined the lab of Prof. Ellen Heber-Katz at the Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology, Philadelphia, USA, working on epimorphic tissue regeneration in the MRL mouse and spinal cord regeneration in special. There he developed a new model of mouse spinal cord regeneration and identified novel transcripts from the Apolipoprotein E gene.
In 2003 he went back to Europe and established a private R&D lab in Erolzheim, Germany working on the salt water worm Ramphogordius sanguineous. To analyze the worms extraordinary powers of regeneration he developed a novel method for displaying differences in gene expression (RNA) from which he received his first patent. In June 2006 he became a Member of INITS Business Incubator, Vienna, Austria and in August 2007 he founded Lexogen and became its CEO. Currently Lexogen has about 25 scientists and staff and is focused on developing tools for transcriptome sequencing.

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