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Allan Jensen

CSO, HiFiBio, FR

Dr. Allan Jensen is an expert in discovery and preclinical development of antibody based drugs and has several years of experience from various positions in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Before joining HiFiBiO in 2014, he was Director of Science and Technology at Pfizer, Global Biotherapeutic Technologies with the overall responsibility for internal technology focused innovation projects as well as implementing novel procedures impacting the preclinical process with discovery of antibody-based drugs. During this work implemented novel procedure to support isolation of antibodies from human B-cells, other animal species including the single-domain VNAR from sharks.

Dr. Allan Jensen entered the field of antibody discovery at Symphogen A/S where he played a leading scientific role with significant contributions to the company’s drug discovery platforms as well as participated in bringing drug candidates into the clinic. From his previous senior scientific leader positions Dr. Allan Jensen holds several year of experience with project governance, resource and staff management and as been responsible for execution of several external industrial research collaborations as well attracting governmental funding. Dr. Allan Jensen holds M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Molecular Biology for University of Aarhus, Denmark.