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Amos Tanay

Weizmann Institute of Science, IL

Amos Tanay is an Associate Professor and Kimmel investigator in the department of Computer Science and the department of Biological Regulation at the Weizmann Institute. Amos’s background is in Mathematics, and he spent several years in the Israeli start-up industry before coming back to Tel-Aviv University and completing his PhD in Computational Biology. He did postdoctoral training at Rockefeller University and later established his own research group at Weizmann. The Tanay group is combining computational and experimental work to study genomic and epigenomic regulation at multiple scales, from the nucleotide level and up to the physical conformations of entire chromosomes. By developing quantitative, high-resolution experiments, the group explores how heterogeneous populations of single cells within tissues acquire, memorize, and later modify their functional states.

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