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Anders Tengholm

Uppsala University, SE

Anders Tengholm is a professor of secretion research at Uppsala university. His main field of interest concerns intracellular signalling that controls pancreatic islet hormone release and the mechanisms underlying the perturbed hormone secretion in diabetes. Tengholm studied medicine in Uppsala and completed his PhD in 2000. Following a postdoc period at Stanford university, he moved back to his alma mater, where he in the past fifteen years has led a research group that utilizes various live-cell imaging approaches to monitor the kinetics of a number of messengers, signalling proteins, and exocytosis. A particular focus has been how the spatio-temporal dynamics of ATP, Ca2+ and cAMP in beta-cells contribute to the normal, pulsatile pattern of insulin secretion. Current research activities also include the stimulus-secretion coupling processes in glucagon- and somatostatin-releasing cells and the role of paracrine signalling within the islet for shaping the hormone release patterns.

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