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Andrew Heron

Director of Advanced Research, Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd, UK

Andy Heron is the Senior Director of Advanced Research at Oxford Nanopore Technologies, where he leads the development of various aspects of Oxford Nanopore’s DNA and RNA sequencing chemistry, and also development of new sensing strategies for nanopore-detection of proteins and small-molecules.

Andy’s interests lie in the field of single-molecule sensing and the development of new detection technologies to address unmet needs in fields such as healthcare, environment and science. After a PhD in Chemistry at Imperial College London, Andy moved into the field of single-molecule sensing in the labs of Prof. Hagan Bayley and Prof. Mark Wallace at Oxford University, where he developed single-molecule optical and electrical detection methods that made use of biological nanopores as sensors. During this time Andy explored the use of nanopores for DNA sequencing, working as part of the NHGRI’s “$1000 Genome” program and as a consultant and collaborator with Oxford Nanopore Technologies. After significant advances in the lab and wider community Andy joined Oxford Nanopore in 2010 to continue development of nanopore sequencing. At Oxford Nanopore Andy has been involved in developing many aspects of Oxford Nanopore’s technology, including nanopores, enzyme motors, chip and informatics. Andy continues to lead efforts to further develop Oxford Nanopore’s technology, with a focus on extending the capabilities of this disruptive technology to enable sensing and sequencing for many more applications.

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