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Bernhard Suter

CEO, Next Interactions, US

Bernhard Suter, PhD, is the founder and CEO/President of Next Interactions. He is an expert in the field of proteomics and protein-protein interactions. His scientific track record includes work in DNA repair, epigenetic gene regulation, yeast genetics and systems biology. He holds a MSc. University of Berne and a PhD. in Cell Biology from ETH Zürich. He completed two postdocs at UC Berkeley and University of Toronto.

In 2015, he founded Next Interactions, Inc., a proteomics services company that offers sensitive and precise tools for the discovery and characterization of protein-protein interactions (PPIs). Next Interactions serves numerous clients in the biomedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural space with tailored solutions for individual scientific questions, such as function of oncogenes, host-pathogen relationships, mechanisms of inherited diseases, drug discovery, etc.

Prior to Next Interactions, he was developing Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies and applications as a Senior Scientist at Quintara Biosciences. Before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, he was a group leader at the Max-Delbrück Centrum in Berlin, working on the systems biology of neurodegenerative diseases.

He received awards and honors from the Swiss National Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship, European Molecular Biology Organization, and also received a NSF SBIR grant for technology development on the NGS-based yeast two-hybrid system (NGS-Y2H).

He has more than 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, one US granted patent, and numerous scientific abstracts presentations. He also served as editor for the Methods in Molecular Biology, volume on ‘Two-hybrid technologies’.

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