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Carl-Henrik Heldin

Uppsala University, SE

Carl-Henrik Heldin is a Swedish molecular biologist and medical researcher. He obtained a PhD in Medical and Physiological Chemistry in 1980 at the University of Uppsala, where he continued to work until 1985 in a position sponsored by the Swedish Cancer Society. Carl-Henrik became director of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in Uppsala in 1986, and has been a professor of Molecular Cell Biology at Uppsala University since 1992.

Carl-Henrik has published >400 research articles and >200 review articles; he has >40 approved patents and >62,000 citations. His research has focused on the mechanisms of signal transduction by growth regulatory factors, in particular platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) and transforming growth factor (TGF). C.-H. Heldin has served on the Scientific Advisory Boards for several companies and academic institutions, including the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and the German Cancer Center, Heidelberg. He was vice-president of the European Research Council until 2014, and is the chair of the Boards of the Nobel Foundation, Science for Life Laboratory and European Molecular Biology Organization. He is also an Associate Editor for Molecular Biology of the Cell, Genes to Cells and Growth Factors.

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