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Christian Loch

Director of Research & Development, AVMBioMed, US

Christian Loch is Co-founder and CEO of AVMBioMed; and adjunct faculty in the Department of Chemistry at Villanova University where he teaches proteomics in the graduate school. AVMBioMed is a contract research organization serving academics and industry alike, that has commercialized an assay originally developed by Marc Kirschner at Harvard (Pubmed 19181856). The technique utilizes protein microarrays to extract information from 20,000 proteins per run from complex samples like cell lysates and human serum (Pubmed 19181856). Called Snapshot ProteomicsTM, this assay is more informative and reproducible than traditional techniques. Because it informs both splice variation and post-translational modification, it is also truly proteomic. Prior to AVMBioMed, Christian directed R&D at a small biotechnology company where he led teams in development of assays and reagents useful to the study of the ubiquitin proteasomal pathway. His interest in post-translational modification began during PhD studies at the University of Virginia, where he studied epigenetics and chromosomal remodeling in yeast. His postdoctoral studies at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle involved using mass spectrometry and antibody microarray technologies applied towards biomarker discovery. To better appreciate and handle the challenges of performing proteomic studies in human populations, he also obtained a Master’s in Public Health-Epidemiology from the University of Washington during this time. He is former Fellow of both the Canary Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

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