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Christine Winterbourn

University of Otago, NZ

Christine Winterbourn is in the Centre for Free Radical Research, Department of Pathology, University of Otago Christchurch New Zealand.

She graduated in chemistry from Auckland University and received her PhD in biochemistry from Massey University, New Zealand. She has had a long term interest in understanding the biological chemistry of free radicals and oxidative stress. Her current interests include the role of thiols in antioxidant defence and redox regulation; the biochemistry and cellular function of peroxiredoxins; reactive oxidant production by neutrophils and the role of myeloperoxidase products in microbial killing and inflammatory disease. Professor Winterbourn has received a number of awards including the Society for Free Radical Research (International) Trevor Slater Award, and is a Fellow of the Society for Redox Biology. She has received the University of Otago Distinguished Research Medal and in 2011 was the first woman recipient of the Rutherford Medal, New Zealand’s highest scientific award.

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