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Cyril Zipfel

Sainsbury Laboratory, UK

Cyril Zipfel is the Head of The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich (UK) and hold the Chair of Plant Immunology at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (UK). After performing his doctoral and post-doctoral research in the laboratories of Profs. Thomas Boller (Friedrich-Miescher Institute, Basel, CH) and Jonathan Jones (TSL Norwich, UK), respectively, he started his independent group at The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich (UK) in 2007. He is a pioneer and leader in the field of plant innate immunity and receptor kinases. His work is focused on understanding the molecular basis of plant innate immunity mediated by surface-localized immune receptors, as well as the application of this research to engineer disease resistance in crops.

He was awarded a competitive European Research Council Starting grant in 2012, is a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher (2014, 2015, 2016), and was awarded the prestigious Charles Albert Shull Award from the American Society of Plant Biologists in 2015.

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