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Stanimirovic Danica - Profile picture

Danica Stanimirovic

National Research Council, CA

Dr. Danica Stanimirovic, Director of the Translational Bioscience Department, NRC’s Human Health Therapeutics Portfolio, manages a portfolio of R&D projects in partnership with Canadian and international biopharma companies and university partners aimed at de-risking and advancing biologics CNS pipeline in preclinical development. She leads NRC’s Strategic Program, Therapeutics beyond Brain Barriers, focussed on developing new delivery strategies for therapeutics targeting CNS indications.

She holds an M.D. and PhD degree in Neurochemistry from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She was trained in cerebrovascular and stroke research at the Stroke Branch, NINDS, NIH. She is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of Ottawa and founding member of the International Brain Barriers Society.

Her recent interests are in developing single-domain antibodies for ‘difficult’ targets in the CNS, including ion channels and blood-brain barrier transporters and receptors.

Dr. Stanimirovic is recipient of funding from various consortia, including private-public ‘Focus on Brain’ initiative by Brain Canada. She serves on Advisory Board of biotechnology companies and is recipient of several Canadian and international awards. She has authored over 150 manuscripts and 17 patents in the field of brain vascular physiology and drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier.

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