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Daniel Martinez Molina

CSO Pelago Bioscience, SE

Daniel Martinez Molina obtained his PhD in Structural Biology from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in 2009. During his PhD project he developed methods for optimizing membrane protein expression and stability for structural investigations using X-ray crystallography, subsequently he also solved the first high resolution structure of a human membrane protein (LTC4S).

After a post doc period at Stockholm University, Daniel was recruited back to Karolinska Institutet specifically to develop the Cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA) for patenting and basic science research. In connection to the publication of the CETSA proof of concept paper in Science 2013, the company Pelago Bioscience was founded to commercialize the method for the use in preclinical drug discovery. Apart from being CSO of Pelage Bioscience, Daniel is still associated to Karolinska Institutet where focus lies on developing clinical applications of the CETSA method.

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