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Eric Feyfant

Director, Biologics Business Development & Applications, Schrödinger, US

Dr. Eric Feyfant is Director of Biologics Business Development & Application at Schrödinger Inc, a world leader in developing chemical software simulation. In his role, Eric is leading the Schrödinger Biologics business; assumes the role of Project lead for Biologics and small molecules projects as well as Technical lead for our largest collaboration. Prior to Schrödinger, Eric Feyfant joined Aileron Therapeutics, as head of scientific computing and structure-based drug design for the development of stapled peptides focusing mostly on oncology programs.

In 2001, Eric joined Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer), where during his 11 years experience in designing small molecules, peptides, and antibody drugs, Eric was able, as a team leader or key contributor, to help developing drugs that are marketed (Tygacil) or reached different stages of clinical trials. Always enjoying being at the front of new technologies. Eric led the Fragment-based drug discovery at Wyeth and redeveloped the peptide discovery platform at Pfizer. Eric obtained his Ph.D. at the Université de la Méditerranée (France) in Organic Chemistry. During his Ph.D. study, Eric spent two years at Rockefeller University where he returned for his postdoctoral study, developing and applying protein Modelling technics under Prof. Andrej Šali supervision.

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