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Frank Sobott

University of Antwerp, BE

Frank Sobott obtained his Dr. phil. nat. at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/M (Germany) in 2000 in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. After working with Dame Carol Robinson at Oxford and Cambridge, he returned in 2004 to Oxford in order to take up posts in the Structural Genomics Consortium, the Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and the Centre for Gene Function, and he retains a visiting professorship in the Biochemistry Department there. At the end of 2009, he moved to the University of Antwerp in Belgium where he heads the Biomolecular & Analytical Mass Spectrometry group and coordinates the Center for Proteomics, with the title of Francqui Research Professor (2011-14).

His research focuses on the structural analysis of noncovalently bound, supramolecular systems and functional assemblies of biomolecules. The group is developing new methods and instrumentation for the analysis of multi-component, heterogeneous and dynamic assemblies based on mass spectrometry, ion mobility and associated techniques. The group applies these tools in a highly interdisciplinary context to research questions from chemistry, biology and medicine.

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