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George Emanuel

Cofounder & Director of Technology and Partnerships, Vizgen, US

George is a scientific cofounder and Director of Technology and Partnerships at Vizgen, the company providing the next generation genomics solution. Vizgenā€™s platform based on MERFISH technology allows researchers to spatially profile the expression of custom panels of hundreds of genes across centimeters of tissue with subcellular resolution. Within Vizgen, George directs the technology development for the MERFISH platform and coordinates strategic partnerships to enable researchers to apply MERFISH to their research.

Trained as a biophysicist at Harvard University in the lab of Dr. Xiaowei Zhuang, he has spent the past decade developing highly-multiplexed RNA fluorescence in situ hybridization based technologies. This work includes inventing a high-throughput, image-based screening technology and demonstrating the capacity of MERFISH technology to profile 10,000 genes in a single intact sample.

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