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Hans Westerhoff

VU University Amsterdam, NL - University of Manchester, UK

Hans V. Westerhoff received his PhD from the University of Amsterdam on the topic mosaic non equilibrium thermodynamics and (the control of) biological free-energy transduction (1983). After a brief postdoc at the University of Padua he became Visiting Scientist at the National Institutes of Health (USA) to work on DNA supercoiling, regulation and control, and antimicrobial peptides. After 6 subsequent years at the Netherlands Cancer Institute he became full professor of Microbial Physiology at the VU University Amsterdam. From 2005 he also holds the AstraZeneca Chair for Systems Biology at the University of Manchester, as director of the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology and the Doctoral Training Centre Integrative Systems Biology. As past Director of the biennial FEBS Advanced Lecture course Systems Biology, as Professor of Synthetic Systems Biology at the University of Amsterdam (since 2011), as one of the drivers of the Infrastructure of Systems Biology Europe (ISBE), and as Fellow of the ISSB, he actively promotes Systems Biology. His research interests include integrated experimental and computational systems biology of microorganisms; carbon, nitrogen and energy metabolism; metabolic maps; the systems biology of cancer, multifactorial disease and innate immunity; signal transduction; integral regulation of cell function; the silicon human; and personalized (n=1) medicine.

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