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Ineke Braakman

University of Utrecht, NL

Ineke Braakman is chair of Cellular Protein Chemistry at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Her research aims to uncover mechanisms, maintenance and regulation of protein (mis)folding, with a focus on the secretory pathway, stress responses and impact on disease, such as cystic fibrosis, familial hypercholesterolemia, and viral infections.

After a PhD at Groningen University (NL, 1988) she was post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Ari Helenius, dept. Cell Biology at Yale University, CT, USA. In 1993 she became group leader in the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam on a 5-year fellowship from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences, and was appointed full professor in Utrecht in 2000. Ineke Braakman is EMBO member, (co)organizer of >10 international conferences, was chair of the Board of the Graduate School of Life Sciences, vice chair of the Board of Chemical Sciences at NWO, was co-author of the 2013 vision paper "Chemistry & Physics: Fundamental for our Future", and is member of several (inter)national evaluation committees. Her track record includes 17 graduations of PhD students, with 9 more in progress, >200 invited seminars, professorship-appointment committees, (inter)national evaluation panels and advisory boards of international institutes, and >100 thesis evaluation committees, including 7 international ones.

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