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Slutsky, Inna - Profile Picture

Inna Slutsky

Tel Aviv University, IL

Dr. Inna Slutsky is an Associate Professor at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University. Her research is focused on understanding the basic mechanisms that maintain the interplay of stability and plasticity in hippocampal circuits and initiate circuit-wide dysfunctions in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Using advanced optical imaging, electrophysiology and molecular biology tools, Slutsky’s team studied the mechanisms that drive synaptic, network and cognitive impairments in AD (Abramov et al., Nature Neurosci, 2009; Dolev et al., Nature Neurosci, 2013; Fogel et al., Cell Reports, 2014;Gazit et al., Neuron, 2016;). Currently, her team explores the mechanisms underlying stability of neural circuit’s functioning (Slomowitz et al., eLife, 2015; Styr et al., Neuron, 2019) and firing homeostasis failures as potential drivers of AD pathophysiology (Styr & Slutsky, Nature Neurosci 2018; Frere & Slutsky, Neuron 2018).

Dr. Slutsky completed her PhD in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and post-doctorate studies at MIT. Slutsky is the recipient of the 2010 Bernard Katz Prize in Neuroscience, 2010 the New Investigator Award in Alzheimer’s disease from American Federation for Ageing Research, 2011 Sieratzki Prize in Neuroscience, the ERC 2011 starting and 2016 consolidator awards, and the 2016 MetLife foundation prize in Alzheimer’s research.

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