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Jean-Christophe Rain

Head of R&D and Tech Dev. Hybrigenics Services SAS, FR

Dr Jean-Christophe RAIN received his PhD in Molecular Genetics from University Paris XI. During his PhD thesis at the Pasteur Institute, he was involved in the development of a yeast two-hybrid screening method allowing reproducible analysis of highly complex library by genetically saturated screening. In 1998, Dr. Rain was one of the founders of Hybrigenics where he took over the Head of Small Genome program and generated a genome-wide protein interaction map of Helicobacter pylori. From 2000 to 2005, he was responsible for internal and collaborative target identification and drug discovery programs in oncology and virology. Since 2010, in close collaboration with F. Perez (Curie Institute, Paris), he develop new tools and library for antibody fragment selection in vitro and in yeast. Dr RAIN is currently CSO of Hybrigenics Services SAS, he is leading the Yeast Two-Hybrid, Chemical proteomic and VHH selection platform.

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