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Jing Zhou

VP of Immunology, IsoPlexis, US

Jing Zhou, serves as Vice President of Immunology at IsoPlexis, a Yale and Cal Tech spinout life sciences company developing a next generation single-cell highly-multiplexed proteomic platform that can identify a wide range of patient immune cell functions for early yet precise diagnosis and therapeutic intervention. Working with a talented team, she is responsible to develop single-cell assays for deep profiling functional properties and heterogeneity of immune cells, and for discovery of predictive biomarkers as correlates of patient outcome to immunotherapies. While at IsoPlexis, she has led multiple studies with various biopharma and trial center leaders in the immuno-oncology space to develop single-cell polyfunctional metrics that can distinguish and predict patient response to CAR-T and antibody based cancer immunotherapies against Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Melanoma. Prior to IsoPlexis, she was an immunologist at Yale School of Medicine with an expertise in defining phenotype and functionality of immune cells in diseased and healthy settings, with a track record of 20+ scientific publications in leading journals. Dr. Zhou earned her medical degree in Clinical Medicine from Bengbu Medical College, MS and PhD in Immunology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and the principal investigator in the NIH, AHA and Yale university grants.

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