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John Bashkin

S2 Genomics, US

Dr. Bashkin is a life science expert and business leader. He has produced best-in-class commercial products for DNA sequencing and led successful business development efforts across life sciences.

His professional experience includes leading the development of the MegaBACE 1000, the first high-throughput DNA sequencing system, launched in 1999 by Amersham Biosciences and used to generate roughly one-third of the sequencing data from the Human Genome Project. He then led life sciences and medical device development programs at SRI International, including development of artificial muscles and a drug toxicity testing platform with primary cardiac myocyte cells. While at SRI, he also led business development efforts across computational biology, medical devices, rapid diagnostics for biodefense applications, successfully executing numerous out-licenses and participating in the formation of the spin-out company Artificial Muscle, Inc. Prior relevant experience includes serving as a senior staff scientist at Amersham Biosciences, Director of Business Development at SRI International, VP of Strategic Business Development at Triple Ring Technologies, VP Business Development at Zymera Diagnostics, and advising venture capital funds. He now serves as VP Business Development for S2 Genomics.

Dr. Bashkin has personal technical expertise in physical chemistry, systems integration, sample preparation, next generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, genomics, automation, systems biology, and bioinformatics. Strong knowledge and experience with USG market and funding programs for genomics. He has 6 patents and roughly 20 peer reviewed publications and contributed book chapters or articles. His education includes a BS, Physics and Chemistry, U of Arizona, a Ph.D., Chemistry, Indiana University, and an M.B.A., Santa Clara University.

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