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John Oliver

Vice President, Research & Development, Nabsys, US

John Oliver has been Vice President of Research at Nabsys Inc. since he joined the company in March 2007. Dr. Oliver brings over 25 years of research expertise to Nabsys. His diverse experience includes synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, surface chemistry, and microarray technology. He previously served as Chief Scientific Officer at GeneSpectrum Inc. an array based sequencing company that he co-founded in 2000 with two colleagues from Brown University until it was acquired by Nabsys. GeneSpectrum utilized novel probe designs incorporating non-natural nucleosides to increase the information content of oligonucleotide arrays by over 1000-fold. Prior to founding GeneSpectrum, Dr. Oliver was an assistant professor of Chemistry at Brown University. His research group focused on developing methods of performing non-natural amino acid mutagenesis, identifying novel catalysis mechanisms, and investigating biosynthetic pathways for terpene natural products. Dr. Oliver earned his MS and PhD from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL and received his BS in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, CA.

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