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Julia Kennedy Darling

Stanford University, US

Julia received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemistry from The University of Chicago in 2009, where she studied amyloid aggregation using microfluidic platforms under the supervision of Rustem Ismagilov. She received her Ph.D. in chemistry in 2014 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison under the supervision of Lloyd Smith. During her graduate studies, Julia developed a novel method to identify protein-DNA interactions in a locus specific manner using oligonucleotide purification of genes of interest followed by protein identification and quantification using tandem mass spectrometry.

In 2015 she began working as a Cancer Research Institute Irvington Postdoctoral Fellow in Garry Nolan’s lab at Stanford University School of Medicine. She has developed a novel multiparametric immunofluorescence technology, termed CODEX, that allows for the detection of more than 50 parameters within the same tissue. She is using this technology to characterize immune infiltrates within kidney transplant rejection tissues as well as tumor microenvironments within tissues from patients involved in cancer immunotherapy trials.

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