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Karsten Melcher

Van Andel Research Institute, US

Karsten Melcher is a professor in the Center for Cancer and Cell Biology at the Van Andel Research Institute, a non-profit research institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is a structural biologist and protein biochemist with expertise in receptor structures and ligand perception, cellular signaling, transcriptional regulation, and protein-nucleic acid interactions. Following his training as a classical yeast geneticist in Germany, he completed postdoctoral research on transcriptional regulation and protein biochemistry at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Following subsequent appointments at the Universities of Frankfurt and Ulster, he joining the Van Andel Research Institute in 2007. He has made transformative contributions in several areas of structural and mechanistic biology, most notably plant hormone signaling, transcriptional regulation, regulation of AMP-activated kinase, folate receptor function, and WNT signaling.

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