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Lothar Steidler

Vice President, Intrexon Actobiotics NV, BE

Lothar Steidler, Ph.D. is a molecular microbiologist (Ghent University, PhD 1995) who invented and pioneered technology that is the basis of the ActoBiotics™ platform, which utilizes recombinant microbes for oral and active delivery of proteins (Science, Steidler et al. 2000; 289:1352-1355). He also established a robust environmental containment system for this platform (Nature Biotechnology, Steidler et al. 2003; 21:785-789), which enabled advance into the first clinical studies using genetically modified microorganisms as therapeutics.
Dr. Steidler was co-founder of ActoGeniX, a European clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which was acquired by Intrexon Corporation (NYSE: XON) in March 2015, where his group engineered novel recombinant Lactococcus lactis designed for in vivo production of therapeutic proteins (cytokines, peptides, allergens). He has assisted in providing regulatory (clinical as well as environmental) documents for several governmental authorities (US, CA, SE, NL, BE ). His expertise extends to the field of using live, genetically modified microbiota as therapeutics and GMP production, as well as environmental impact assessment of such organisms in the context of clinical trials.

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