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Kuhnemund Malte - Profile picture

Malte Kühnemund

Director, RnD in situ group Sweden, Cartana, part of 10x Genomics, SE

Malte co-founded CARTANA, a Stockholm-based in situ sequencing company that made tissue in situ sequencing technology commercially available to the global research community in form of in situ sequencing reagent kits and services since beginning of 2019. From the heart of Northern Germany, Malte obtained a Master degree in Biochemistry & Cell biology at the TU Braunschweig and Lund University in Sweden. Malte then joined the Mats Nilsson lab in Sweden and obtained his Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine from Uppsala University & Science for Life Laboratory, Sweden. His work on single molecule analysis and sequencing technologies became part of CARTANA’s technology portfolio. Malte and colleagues successfully spun out CARTANA from the Nilsson lab, made in situ sequencing commercially available to the research community world-wide since 2019 and developed the "next generation of in situ sequencing", which was launched in form of reagent kits in May 2020. Since August 2020 CARTANA is part of 10x Genomics. Its RnD activities on in situ sequencing are kept and will continuously be based and expanded in Stockholm, Sweden.

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