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Marvin van Luijn

Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam MS Center ErasMS, NL

Marvin van Luijn is Assistant Professor and supervises the NeuroImmunology Brain (NIB) workgroup at the department of Immunology, as part of MS Center ErasMS at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. During his PhD at the VU in Amsterdam, he focussed on the interaction between CD4+ T cells and (tumor) antigen-presenting cells in the context of leukemia. In 2012, Marvin joined the MS Center ErasMS (headed by Prof. Hintzen) and continued his work to explore which and how pathogenic CD4+ T cells are instructed to infiltrate and cause inflammation in the central nervous system from multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. He has a special interest in the development of pathogenic B cells serving as potent antigen-presenting cells. So far, his team demonstrated that MS- and autoimmunity-related gene CLEC16A functions as an important regulator of the HLA class II pathway in human antigen-presenting cells, including B cells. Furthermore, he has uncovered T- and B-cell subsets that drive early disease activity in MS patients. He now aims to assess the impact of key environmental factors (pro-inflammatory cytokines, TLR ligands, EBV, hormones) on the pathogenicity of these subsets in MS. His view is that by understanding the exact functional programs and triggers of disease-relevant T- and B-cell subsets, markers and targets will be identified that can be utilized for more accurate prediction and treatment of the heterogeneous clinical course of MS.

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