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Marvin Y. Ouyang

Vice President, Technologies, Cyagen Biosciences Inc., US

Dr. Marvin Yingbin Ouyang serves as the Vice President of Technology at Cyagen Biosciences. In this role, he oversees the scientific operations of the company’s platform of custom generation of genetically engineered mouse/rat models, including transgenic animal production by pronuclear injection and gene targeted model generation by ES cell-based homologous recombination and nuclease-mediated genome editing technologies (TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9). He also led the efforts in developing new technologies for rapid and more efficient model generation, including ES cell based TurboKnockout technology, which significantly reduced the turnaround time of gene targeted mice production, and piggyBac transgenics, which has proven to be more efficient and more reliable than pronuclear injection based transgenic animal generation. Prior to joining Cyagen Biosciences, Dr. Ouyang served as Group Leader of Molecular Biology at Taconic Biosciences from 2004 to 2011, where he led a group of scientists charged with transgenic/gene targeting strategy design, molecular cloning of transgenic/gene targeting constructs, targeted ES clone PCR screening and Southern confirmation, and mutant animal genotyping for the company’s custom mouse/rat mode generation service. He holds a Ph.D in Molecular Biology from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and received his postdoc training in mouse genetics from Indiana University and Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, where he independently generated and characterized three knockout mouse lines (Grap, Tpst1 and Tpst2).

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