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Milad Dagher

Co-founder and CEO, nplex biosciences, CA

Milad is the co-founder and CEO of nplex biosciences, a McGill University spin-off developing a highly-multiplexed sandwich immunoassay technique that does not compromise throughput, cost, or sensitivity.

In 2013, after academic training in nanotechnology and electromagnetism, Milad began his doctoral research within David Juncker’s lab at McGill University. During his PhD, Milad developed several enabling tools that leverage DNA nanotechnology and photonics to address industry bottlenecks in bead-based immunoassays, which became the technological basis for Nplex Biosciences’ platform. Milad earned several recognitions during his PhD including the CHEMINAS Poster Award from MicroTAS in 2016 and the Leslie A. Geddes Prize for the Best Thesis Award in 2018.

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