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Monica Nicolau

Molecular and Cellular Biology University of California, Davis, US

Monica Nicolau is a mathematician working in the area of computational biology. She earned her PhD in mathematics from Rutgers University and spent the beginning of her career involved in research in pure mathematics, first doing post doctoral work in the Mathematics Department in UC Berkeley, and then on the Mathematics faculty of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. With the emergence of big data and its importance in systems biology, she became fascinated by the possibility of adapting her research in mathematics to tackle problems in systems biology. With the help of an NIH/NHGRI grant, she spent several years doing research in the Stanford School of Medicine and the UC Berkeley Statistics Department, where she collaborated closely with biologists, statisticians, and mathematicians. Her research brings a computational focus to the study of complex data generated in systems biology. She is particularly interested in developing hands-on techniques to simplify and elucidate the structure of the complex networks underlying data, with the goal to generate concrete results in cancer biology. Some of her papers have been featured in the Science News Prime, The Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies Newsletter, The New York Times and The Illini News. Monica Nicolau has recently joined the Topological Molecular Biology Group at UC Davis.

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology
Topological Molecular Biology Group
University of California, Davis

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