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Nuria Lopez-Bigas

University Pompeu Fabra, ES

Dr Lopez-Bigas is a biologist with expertise in Medical Genetics and Computational Biology. Nuria joined the University Pompeu Fabra in April 2006 and was appointed ICREA Research Professor in October 2011. Her research is focused on the study of cancer from a genomics perspective. Her lab has contributed to the identification of cancer driver genes by developing computational methodologies to detect signals of positive selection in the pattern of somatic mutations observed in tumors. They have applied these methods to the analysis of thousands of tumor genomes from multiple cancer types creating a Cancer Drivers database available at Dr Lopez-Bigas is also interested in finding therapeutic opportunities to target cancer drivers and in refining the process to precisely assign the most effective targeted therapy to each patient based on the genomic events driving the tumor. Towards this direction her lab has developed an In silico cancer drug prescription protocol that applied to thousands of tumor genomes across 28 different cancer types to obtain a landscape of usability of targeted therapies.

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