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Peter Cameron

Senior research scientist, Caribou Biosciences, US

Peter Cameron earned his Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California-Berkeley. During his graduate work, he investigated the molecular and cellular biology underlying taste detection in the fruit fly. After graduating, he performed postdoctoral work at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, where he developed novel genetic tools to manipulate neural circuits in the mouse brain that underly innate behaviors such as aggression and fear. Following that, Peter was hired as a Scientist at Caribou Biosciences, where he worked on a comprehensive, genome-wide method to measure CRISPR-Cas9 specificity. This method, termed SITE-Seq, was recently published in the May, 2017 issue of Nature Methods. Peter now heads the Technology Development group at Caribou Biosciences, where he leads efforts to develop novel tools and technologies for precision genome editing.

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