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Peter Van Loo

Cancer Research UK London Research Institute / Francis Crick Institute, UK

Peter Van Loo is a group leader at the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute (starting 10/2014), due to become part of the new Francis Crick institute in 2015. As a graduate student at the University of Leuven, he developed computational approaches to detect cis-regulatory modules and to prioritize candidate disease genes. Through initial studies in breast cancer and lymphoma, he developed an interest in cancer research. After his PhD, he developed approaches to study copy-number alterations in cancer genomes, at the Institute for Cancer Research, University of Oslo. The potential created by these methods laid the foundation for many further studies in cancer genomics and prompted him to focus on massively parallel sequencing of cancers and to move to the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. There, he developed a strong focus on “molecular archaeology” approaches, studying the subclonal architecture of cancers and disentangling the life history of cancer genomes. His research group at the London Research Institute aims to leverage the wealth of data from massively parallel sequencing efforts to understand carcinogenesis and cancer evolution.

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