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Lebofsky Ronald - Profile picture

Ronald Lebofsky

Sr. Staff Scientist, Advanced Research, Digital Biology Center, Bio-Rad, US

Ron is a Sr. Staff Scientist in Advanced Research at Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center. He is responsible for product innovation by leveraging Bio-Rad’s droplet technology and developing novel biochemistry solutions.

Ron played a central role as part of the core team from concept through to market launch of Bio-Rad’s single cell sequencing solution in collaboration with Illumina. In addition to the first product application, single cell whole transcriptome analysis, Ron is interested in developing new tools to understand single cell biology at multiple levels.

Prior to Bio-Rad, Ron was biochemistry lead at all phases of product development of Fluidigm’s C1 Single Cell Autoprep System and its first application, single cell gene expression. He completed a Postdoc at Harvard Medical School and a Ph.D. in Biophysics at Institut Pasteur, Paris, studying the biochemistry of DNA replication and repair using single molecule approaches.

Ron has spent his career at the interface between biology and technology and enjoys the challenge of pushing the frontier of what biological problems can be solved using digital approaches.

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