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Ross Sozzani

NC State University, US

Sozzani research interest is at the the interface of computational and biological sciences enables undergraduate and graduate students as well as postdocs to converse fluently in two languages, biology and the quantitative sciences (engineering, math, computer science, and statistics). Specifically, research the goal of the Sozzani group is to establish engineered systems platforms that integrate advanced quantitative data (i.e genomics, transcriptomics and phospho-proteomics), data analytics, and phenotyping platforms to address specific challenges of stakeholders (growers, researchers, and industry), accelerating us towards the common goal of increased food security in the 21st century. Addressing these challenges requires the development of engineering tools that will 1) predict biological and/or environmental targets that enable consistent crop yield under diverse conditions, 2) provide plant data analytics to optimize resource use efficiency for growers, and 3) identify traits and management practices.

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