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Stefanie Sprunck

Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Regensburg, DE

Stefanie Sprunck is assistant professor at the department of Cell Biology and Plant Biochemistry, University of Regensburg, Germany. She studied Biology at the University of Bonn and did her PhD thesis in the lab of Hans-Jörg Jacobsen, Institute of Plant Genetics, Leibnitz University Hannover. During her postdoctoral stay in the group of Horst Lörz at the Biocenter Klein Flottbek, University of Hamburg, she worked on transcriptional control in the developing wheat endosperm. After she joined the group of Thomas Dresselhaus at the Biocenter Klein Flottbek in Hamburg, she started her work on transcript profiling of manually isolated wheat female gametes, zygotes and pro-embryos, which included research stays in the lab of Peter Langridge at the University of Adelaide, Australia. In 2006, the group moved to Regensburg where Dr. Sprunck did her Habilitation in Cell Biology. The research in her laboratory focuses on the molecular and cellular mechanisms that allow the two sperm cells to fuse with the egg cell and the central cell during double fertilization. In 2009, she received the HIRASE award of the Japanese Society of Plant Morphology. She is actively engaged as a treasurer for the Plant Reproduction Society IASPRR since 2010.

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